Is LinkedIn Making Resumes Obsolete?

Last week, I was trying to connect with a new business to offer my services as a freelance writer. I had forwarded the potential client the link to my LinkedIn profile and links to my various online articles. After a bit of an email interchange, he asked me for a resume and I admit, I was a bit shocked.

As someone who works in social media, I do keep my online profile, especially LinkedIn, very up to date. It has a chronology of my work going back many years and it also includes links to my other various online profiles so why was this guy asking for a resume?

With the increase on social networking, it’ss not unusual for a prospective employer or client to take some time to check out your various online profiles, both social and professional. These days, businesses are more likely to make hiring decisions based on your Facebook profile and a quick Google search rather than what they read on a flat piece of paper with little or no personality.

In speaking with some colleagues, especially those in the high tech/social media world, many have gone so far to say that they no longer look solely at the paper resume – which has become just a laundry list of education, skills, awards and activities. They acknowledge that as a potential employer, by checking someone’s digital footprint, they are better able to get a sense of, not only the applicant’s accomplishments, but their personality, communication ability and plain old common sense judgement as they read through an applicant’s Twitter feeds, Facebook posts or personal blogs (Yet another good reason to stop posting drunk pictures of yourself online).

So I say, why bother with a boring old resume. If you are job hunting, send people to your LinkedIn page instead of sending of your resume. In addition to your self-proclaimed qualifications, an up to date and complete LinkedIn profile includes testimonials from colleagues, clients, and employers. Sending someone a link to your LinkedIn page is really the most efficient way to convey your relevant experience.